South Wales Seniors Classic Proud Supporters of the Wales Air Ambulance
1. The Competition: a) The Classic is a team knockout competition for the Classic Cup/Bowl. b) The winners of the qualifying round will play in the Cup and the losers will play in the bowl. c) Matches will be arranged as a result of a random draw overseen by committee members. d) The first team drawn will play at home the next team will be their opponents and so on until the draw has been completed. e) The qualifying round will be divided geographically into a "West" and "East" sections. Any team forfeiting their qualifying round may at the discretion of the committee be eliminated from the current season's competition. f) Any club that enters the competition and progresses through to the finals day of the Cup or Bowl is expected to field a team at the finals day. Failure to field a team, at the discretion of the SWSC committee, could be banned from entering the competition the following year. 2. Players: a) All players to be Home Members of the Clubs Seniors Section / Society and aged 55 years or over on 31st March of the current year and possess a valid CONGU Handicap certificate from their Home club. 3. Format: a) A team will consist of 3 pairs (6 players) who will contest the result of each match. b) Four ball better ball, match play off handicap. c) Players with handicaps in excess of 18 may participate but will have to play off an upper limit of 18. Strokes taken will be from the lowest handicap player of the four and will be 90% of the difference in handicaps. d) Where a club is represented by more than 1 team those teams will not compete against each other during the qualifying or first rounds. e) Reserves may accompany the away team and play a non qualifying match against reserves from the home team. The Away Captain must arrange this with his opposite number from the home team. f) The away team has the honour on the 1st tee. g) In the event that the match ends up all square, the last halving pair will play sudden death to determine the overall outcome. h) Matches must be played by the dates published on the web calendar. 4. General: a) Buggies are permitted where local conditions allow. b) Matches are played off yellow boxes. c) Matches must be played observing local rules otherwise strictly in accordance with R & A rules. 5. Entries: a) Entries will be accepted on a chronological basis and the Treasurer will refund entry fees to those teams thus excluded. b) A club may enter up to twelve named players per team. c) Players once registered for a team will not be allowed to transfer to another team. d) Entry fee per team is £60.00 e) Closing date for competition entries and submission of team names as published on the web site. f) A Club may enter up to Three Teams into the competition with the following proviso: Each seasons competition will be limited to 64 team entries - under subscription will be dealt with by arranging "Byes" at the time of the draw. All clubs entering will have at least 1 team accepted. Should the number of entries exceed 64 then the excess entries will be eliminated on the following basis: Where the over subscription is limited to "C" teams only (ie: there are 64 teams consisting of "A" &"B" teams) the "C" teams will be eliminated. Where the over subscription consists of "B" plus "C" teams the "C" teams are automatically eliminated and the excess "B" teams will be eliminated on a chronological basis (ie: the last team to register will be eliminated first and so on). 6. Communications: a) The winning captain (or his representative) must notify the match result via the web form as soon as possible after the match. b) matches(up to the quarter final) will be mutually agreed by the 2 captains(or their representatives). The “Home” Captain must submit 3 dates not in the same weeks for the consideration of the “Away” team. Failure to appear at this agreed date and time will result in a "Walk over" for the team on the tee. The Committee’s decision is final
Classic Rules
(amended as per 2018 AGM)